Membership to the Club

Membership to the Club is available from time to time.  Membership is initially negotiated between the existing Member and a potential new Member.  Approval involving screening and accepting a new Member lies with the Club’s Committee.  Memberships are open to persons aged 18 years and above who are keenly interested in visiting Thredbo and using the lodge to pursue their interests in snow sports and other mountain activities, pursuits and village festivals throughout the year. Being a member of the Club entitles you to:

  • vote at general, special and Annual General Meetings of the Club;
  • hold office and nominate other Ordinary Members for office;
  • use the premises and facilities of the Club;
  • book accommodation with the Club for himself /herself and guests;
  • pay for accommodation with the Club at Member rates.

Members pay an annual subscription each calendar year as set by the Club’s Management Committee and approved at Annual General Meetings.  The subscription entitles members to use it for their bookings throughout that year to the value of the subscription.  Above the value of the subscription it is a pay as you go arrangement.  The annual subscription is non refundbale or transferrable and is only valid for the year of it’s currency.