Guide for Parents


Hi Noon Ski Club Inc was established for members  and their guests to ski regularly and enjoy the benefits of the alpine environment: Snow, Ski, Schnapps, Snowboard, Hike, Eat, Rest, Sleep(!) all the while: having Fun! However, whilst having fun we need to be mindful of our responsibilities. This includes everyone adhering to reasonable standards of behaviour towards others, so that all members and guests can enjoy their stay at Hi Noon.  On regular occasions, children are not adequately supervised, which interferes with other guests’ enjoyment. Thus, guidelines have been devised for parents and guardians to please follow.

Overall Lodge areas:

  • Please ensure that children are supervised in all common areas and in particular on balconies, the ski and drying room
  • Please NO jumping off the stairs! We do not want anyone hurt during their stay.
  • Please ensure that baby monitors are turned off as soon as they are activated, so guests are not disturbed
  • Please deter children from running in the lodge common areas and corridors at all times, especially during the early morning and late night periods.
  • Children should not wander around on carpet areas with food and/or drinks.

Common Areas:

  • Children throwing tantrums or crying in common areas need to be removed and managed elsewhere, so as not to disturb other guests
  • Please contain children’s toys to a small section of the common areas and remove once play has finished.
  • Children helping themselves to other occupants’ food in the common area without asking, is to be discouraged.

Bathroom areas:

  • Please ensure that children are supervised in bathrooms so that toilets are flushed  taps are turned off and bathrooms are dry and clean after use.

Bedroom Areas:

  • Meals should be eaten in bedrooms only if children are sick, otherwise eating should be done in the dining area.
  • Please ensure that children do not enter other occupants’ rooms without invitation.
  •  Please ensure that children are settled and soothed at a reasonable time of the night .
  • If children wake, continue to cry and cannot settle during the night, please remove from bedroom areas.

Kitchen  area:

  • For safety reasons, children under the height of 120cm are not to enter the kitchen area at any time.
  •  Older children, and especially those under the age of 10, must  be  supervised at all times whilst in the kitchen.
  • Please ensure that floor areas under dining tables and chairs are swept after use.

Nappy Management:

  • Nappies not to be changed in common areas such as in lounge areas, dining tables, eating areas. Soiled nappies to be disposed of in outside bins (NOT kitchen or bathroom bins) immediately after removal.

Thank you for your participation in maintaining reasonable standards for the Club so all can enjoy their stay without creating extra work or discomfort for others!