The original lodge was a German prefab used in Norway during WWII. Following the war it was dismantled, and brought out to Australia for the building of Guthega Power Station in the early 1950’s. In 1957 the lodge was rebuilt in Thredbo by the Skiers Tourers Association and called Roslyn Lodge. In 1962 the Association changed its name to Australian Alpine Club. In the early 1970’s the members decided Roslyn Lodge was too small for their purposes, so they secured land across the road with the purpose of building a larger lodge. They subsequently put Roslyn Lodge on the market.

At this time a small group of Canberra ski enthusiasts became interested in forming a ski club and purchasing a lodge in Thredbo or Perisher. They looked at numerous lodges for sale and narrowed it down to ‘Roslyn’. During negotiations, Hi Noon Ski Club was incorporated (November 1973) and 35 debentures were advertised and sold. Roslyn Lodge was bought from the Australian Alpine Club in 1974 for $42,000 after almost losing to another potential buyer who had upped their price.

By the early 1990’s the building had been used as a ski lodge for around 35 years and was showing signs of serious decay and was looked upon as a fire hazard. Options were discussed and at the Annual General Meeting in 1993 it was decided that the shares be increased to 110 by issuing each of existing 35 members with 2 shares and selling another 40 shares for no less than $10,000 per share. It was also decided the members would commit to the rebuilding of the lodge and under write the cost.2013 029

The lodge was rebuilt in 1994-95 incorporating as much of the old building as possible. Examples of this can be seen in different areas of the lodge. In the lounge room the ‘feature wall’ is the ex-ceiling “packing crates” timber from the old lodge and the large storage boxes in the bedrooms are made up from the Baltic pine floor boards. The light fittings in the dining room and wall brackets in the small lounge are the original. Two of the light fittings in the lounge are replicas of the old lodge lights and were made by Peter Noakes (Young NSW). The old chairs in the bedrooms were made by Rudi Schatzle and tradesmen in the 1950’s.

Throughout the current lodge there are many examples of our past history. The lodge has continued the tradition of providing a warm and inviting environment where members and their guests can look forward to their stay and many visits going forward.