Winter Bookings 2020

Hi Noon Bed Availability Graph – to check on available beds and vacant days/periods.

Hi Noon Booking Request Form – to submit a booking or series of bookings anytime.

Winter Charging Structure and Rates
Winter Rules
Winter Pre-Round Booking Period
Pre-Round oversubscribed process
Open Round Bookings
Unaccompanied Guests

Winter Charging Structure

Winter Rates from Friday 5 June – Saturday 3 October 2020

Rate From To
Discount Rate 20% 5 June 27 June
Winter Rate 100% 28 June 12 September
Discount Rate 20% 13 September 3 October

Winter Rates

Category Nightly Rate $
Member 60
Guest Adult Accompanied 100
Guest Adult Unaccompanied 130
Guest Junior * 70
Guest Child Under 5 20

* Junior Guest older than or equal to 5yrs and under 18yrs Or studying and under 21 years at date of occupancy.

Winter Rules

  • A single occupancy room can be booked by a member for themselves – $120 per night (Maximum of 2 lodge rooms will be allocated to single occupancy members at any one time)
  • No unaccompanied guests in August.
  • Only member’s accompanied children / babies / grandchildren can be booked into the lodge for the month of August.
  • No guest’s children/babies in August.


Winter Pre-Round Booking Period
Pre-round bookings can only be made for:
WEEKENDS: 2 nights Friday and Saturday and/or MIDWEEK: 5 nights Sunday – Thursday.

Pre-Round Winter Bookings (1 March – 31 March 2020)
Pre-Round bookings will open 1 March and close 31 March 2020.

  • During this period Open Round bookings are not accepted.
  • Financial members may book for themselves and accompanied guests for periods of 2 days (weekends), 5 days (midweek) or 7 days (combined weekend and midweek) up to a total of 20 bed nights per membership.
  • Children under the age of 5 years are not included in the bed night calculation.
  • No unaccompanied guest bookings can be made during the Pre-Round.

The 20-bed night rule is the maximum allocation of bed nights for each membership (including accompanied guests over the age of 5 years) during the Pre-Round period.  No bookings in the Pre-Round in excess of 20 bed nights per membership will be accepted.

Example 1 – For one nights accommodation, one person = one bed night.
Example 2 – A family of four for one night = four bed nights.
Example 3 – A member booking a family of four for a period of five nights =   twenty bed nights, therefore that is their full allocation for the Pre- Round.


Lodgement of Pre-Round Bookings
Pre-Round bookings must be made using the Booking Request Form.

Allocation and Confirmation
Allocation of Pre-Round bookings will be advised progressively up to the 14 April 2020 via email. Capacity of the email notification system is limited so some notifications may be issued a day or two early so that all notifications are issued by 14 April.

At this time, allocated Pre-Round bookings may be changed or cancelled by notice to the Booking Officer by Sunday 28 April 2020. Otherwise the Pre-Round booking will be considered confirmed, and the total charge levied to the member’s account

Please note that while every effort will be made to accommodate members booking requirements, specific room requests cannot be guaranteed.

Pre-Round oversubscribed process
Committee has agreed to a process for dealing with any oversubscribed booking dates following a set of priority guidelines for the 2020 winter Pre Booking round. Priority order has been determined based on experiences encountered from the 2019 winter Pre Booking round and feedback received from the membership.  Details are contained here.

Open Round Bookings (from 15 April 2020)
All open round bookings are made using the web based Booking Request Form.

A graph of available beds is also available for members to see bed availability at the lodge on a given day or period.

Financial members may book for themselves and accompanied guests for weekends (Friday-Saturday) or any day/s during the midweek period (Sunday-Thursday).

Confirmation will be prompt, usually within 24 hrs, according to the priority rules and bed availability.

Unaccompanied Guests (from 31 May 2020)
Due to Covid-19, the Lodge will be using a revised operating model with restricted numbers. Unfortunately unaccompanied guests will not be permitted until further notice.
Financial members may book in unaccompanied guests for weekends (Friday-Saturday) or any day/s during the midweek period (Sunday-Thursday) from the 1 May 2020.  Unaccompanied guests cannot be directly booking in for the month of August. If lodge bed vacancies appear free, especialy from mid August, please contact the Booking Officer to enquire.