Winter 2017

Charging Structure

Winter Rates 9 June – 21 September 2017

Rate From To
Discount Rate 20% 9 June 15 June
Discount Rate 10% 16 June 22 June
Winter Rate 23 June 17 August
Discount Rate 10% 18 August 31 August
Discount Rate 20% 1 September 21 September

Winter Rates

Category Nightly Rate $
Member 55
Guest 95
Junior Guest * 65
Child Under 5 20

* Junior Guest greater than or equal to 5yrs and under 18yrs Or studying and under 21 years at date of occupancy.

Accommodation in Advance

For 2017, AiA has been set at $800 and is payable by 31 March 2017. Following receipt of payment (and any arrears), members are considered financial and able to make bookings.

Booking Conditions

  • Only financial members may request booking.
  • Pre-Bookings require a separate booking sheet, issued by the Booking Officer.
  • Open round bookings need to be made using the web booking form.
  • Additional booking information will need to be forwarded by email to
  • Guests will only be admitted if booked in by a member.
  • Members must provide the names of all guests and children ages prior to occupancy.
  • A penalty of $250 per person per night will apply where a member changes the structure of their booking without prior consultation with the Booking Officer.

Booking Periods

  • MID-WEEK: 5 nights Sunday – Thursday. MUST be booked for whole 5 days in Pre-bookings whilst whole or part periods can be booked in the Open Round.
  • WEEKENDS: 2 NIGHTS Friday and Saturday.

Pre-Round Bookings


Pre bookings will open on 1 April 2017. Financial members may book for a member and guests for FULL midweek or weekend periods up to a total of 20 bed nights per membership. Please note – No unaccompanied guests requests can be made for this round. Member priority is given.


All applications must be requested using the Winter Pre-Round Booking spreadsheet (see above) and returning it by email to the Booking Officer at by c.o.b Friday 28 April 2017.

Priority will apply if any period is oversubscribed.

  • Member only.
  • Member and guests.
  • Unaccompanied guests.
  • Within member priority constraints, priority will be given to Members’ immediate family for mid-week school holiday periods.

Allocation will be advised by Sunday 14 May 2017.  Any allocated bookings not cancelled by Saturday 20 May 2017 are considered confirmed and the charge levied in the June accounts.

Open Round Bookings

Hi Noon Bed Availability Graph

Hi Noon Booking Request Form

It is requested that no Open Bookings are submitted until Sunday 21 May 2017.

Open round bookings should be made using the web based booking request form (see above). The form includes a link to vacancy graphs showing bed availability (see above). Booking requests for all open bookings will be considered after 21 May 2017, and under the following priority –

  • Bookings for WEEKENDS and FULL MID-WEEK will be accepted and receive prompt confirmation (usually within 24 hours).
  • Any bookings for PART MID-WEEK are subject to 6 weeks confirmation.
  • Subsequent Booking requests will have no restrictions (subject to Lodge availability).

All confirmed bookings are required to be paid within 30 days of the email confirmation date.


  • Can be advised but will only be accepted if there is a waiting list and the bookings can be back filled.
  • All MEDICAL cancellations must be advised prior to the commencement of the booking and a Medical Certificate lodged with the Committee within one month.
  • Excepting medical, all cancellations will be charged a $30 fee per booking where the booking is able to be back filled.

Payment of Accounts

  • Accounts are payable within 30 days of email confirmation notification.
  • All payments must be identified with a Member’s name and Membership Number.
  • Members are liable for the FULL cost of all confirmed bookings.

Contact and Booking Officer

  • Jan Walker is available by Email at or in an Emergency on MOBILE 0419 167 888.