Cycles at the Lodge Guidelines



Thredbo offers some of the country’s most challenging and scenic cycling. From the road to the mountain trails, there is plenty of cycling options for all types of riders.

At Hi Noon we encourage members to use the lodge and take advantage of the summer sporting activities.

Please consider the needs of other lodge users when stowing cycling equipment.

Below are some guidelines for cyclists staying at Hi Noon:

  • Bikes can only be stored in the ski room, with access via the bottom door. There is no bike access via the top lodge entrance. There is no bike storage on, or access to the top verandah. If in doubt seek advice from the Lodge Manager as to appropriate placement of bikes in the ski room.
  • When storing bikes, please do not obstruct access to the Manager’s room, fridges or other thoroughfares.
  • Please take care when entering or leaving the lodge, as pedals and handlebars can damage doors and entranceways. Please latch back the door to enter and exit smoothly. Any lodge damage caused by bikes may require the booking Member to contribute to necessary repairs.
  • No wet or muddy bikes to be stored in the lodge. All dirty bikes must be washed and dried before entering the lodge. A tap and hose are available to wash bikes (see lodge manager). Free bike wash facilities are also available at the bottom of the Kozciusko Chair.
  • Dusty bikes should also be brushed or washed.
  • Bike chains and forks are not to be lubed/oiled in the ski room.
  • Please keep other bike maintenance tasks to a minimum in the ski room, due to space limitations and cleanliness considerations
  • If you need mechanical assistance, Thredbo MTB offer a full range of repair services at their workshop located at the base of the Kozciusko Chair.
  • Mountain bikes can be hired through the resort. Details can be found at
  • For mountain trail information and lift operating hours visit:
  • If you are going for a ride, please consider filling in the Trailhead form on top of the lodge stairs. It lets others know where you are going and your contact details in case of your non return.
  • In the event of a full lodge, members have bike storage priority in ski room. The Lodge Manager has the final word on numbers of bikes stored in lodge.
  • Upon departure, please return all furniture to original position, vacuum the ski room floor, and place all rubbish in the ski room bins. If the area is left dirty due to bike storage a cleaning fee of $50 will be charged to the booking Member.