Code Of Conduct

Hi Noon Ski Club was established for Members and their guests to enjoy the benefits of Thredbo and the Snowy Mountains.

At Hi Noon we recognise and respect qualities which are unique to individuals such as gender, language, ethnicity, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Hi Noon believes in treating all members and guests with dignity and respect. As such any discriminatory or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Members and guests are responsible for their own proper conduct. It is expected they will adhere to reasonable standards of behaviour towards others, so everyone can enjoy their stay. Members and their guests are expected to abide by the Hi Noon Ski Club Code of Conduct.

                                   Key aspects of the CODE OF CONDUCT
1. Being aware of and follow the Hi Noon Ski Club Constitution, Bylaws and rules.
2. Being considerate, fair and honest when dealing with others.
3. Not tolerating any harassment, bullying, abuse of, or aggression towards others.
4. Not tolerating rude, aggressive, unacceptable or offensive language or behaviour.
5. Not creating excessive noise or any other activity likely to disturb members or guests. Consideration for others and the manager is expected.
6. Consideration to the safety and well-being of others at all times. Contributing to ensuring a safe environment for all.
7. Respect and care for the lodge and its contents.
8. Respect the lodge as communal property.
9. Care for and respect for members and guest’s property and sporting equipment.


Role of the Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker in the Code of Conduct
The Club will have volunteers to perform the roles of Lodge Leaders outside of winter and Lodge Caretakers during the busy winter months. These volunteers are assigned to safeguard the clubs property and those in residence. They will provide an oversight to lodge security and assist with achieving an harmonious atmosphere in the lodge. These volunteer roles aim at providing effective, consistent and a non-biased approach in dealing with members and guests.
1. The Club’s Committee places a reliance on these roles to ensure the Code of Conduct is observed. The Club expects that members and guests will fully co-operate with the volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the lodge.
2. If Lodge Leaders or Winter Lodge Caretakers determine that a member or guest’s behaviour is unacceptable for any reason, they may refuse continued accommodation for that person. In such a case there will be no refund of accommodation and the matter will be addressed by the Club’s Committee.
3. The Lodge Leaders or Winter Lodge Caretakers have been directed by the Club’s Committee to refer any concerns or incidents to them, as required.
4. If a difficult situation arises when a Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker is not present, the member/s involved is welcome to contact the Committee.
5. The central heating of the lodge including any adjustments is the responsibility of the Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker. No adjustments should be made by members or guests. Any heating change needs should be brought to the attention of these volunteers.

Arrival and leaving the Lodge
All members and guests must respect the entry and departure times specified for that time of the year. Winter arrival is 5pm, departure 4pm and these times must be strictly adhered to. Summer times are noted on the Club’s Bookings web page.

Children are very welcome at all times however, parents or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children and must adequately supervise them at all times
If children cry and cannot settle during the night, please remove them from bedroom areas.

Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times if they are in the kitchen. For safety reasons, children under the height of 120cm are not to enter the kitchen area at any time.

Nappies not to be changed in common areas such as in lounge areas, dining tables, eating areas.

Soiled nappies are to be disposed of in outside bins (not in the kitchen or bathroom bins) immediately after removal.


Complaints / Incident Reporting
It is expected in the first instance that parties involved attempt to resolve their differences.

Any complaint about the behaviour of members or guests should then be referred to the on site Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker.  The Hi Noon Ski Club has a Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures Bylaw for dealing with genuine complaints from members. Please refer to the Bylaw on the Hi Noon Ski Club web site.

Lodge Parking
The Booking Officer is responsible for allocating all car parks. Members and Guests may only use a car park if specifically allocated by the Booking Officer. No changes to parking arrangements can be made without prior consultation with the Booking Officer or the on site Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker.

Excessive noise or any activity likely to disturb or upset others staying at the lodge must be avoided and will not be tolerated. Consideration of others privacy and peace must be respected.

Repairs, Faults, and Damage
1. If you see anything that needs repair, however minor, advise the on site Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker in person or write on the white board in the ski room. Another option is to address it in an email to Hi Noon or in the post stay survey.
2. If the lodge, its property, or the property of a member or guest has been damaged, that damage must be reported to the on site Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker.
3. The club reserves the right to charge members or guests for the repair of damage to property or other associated costs, particularly if that damage was wilful or as a result of gross negligence. The booking member is responsible for any damage (and the cost of repair) caused by any person included in their booking.

Rooms Bookings
Under no circumstances can changes to allocated rooms or to the structure of a member’s booking, including guest bookings, be changed without the prior consent of the Booking Officer or the on site Lodge Leader or Winter Lodge Caretaker.

For safety reasons, security of the Lodge and the protection of people’s possessions, exit doors are to be closed at all times. The security code is not to be divulged to anyone other than those staying in the lodge at the time.
Please have the code before arriving at the lodge as there may not be anyone in the lodge when you arrive.

Thank you for your participation in maintaining reasonable standards for the Club so all can enjoy their stay without creating extra work for others!