Booking Procedures

New booking procedures supported by a web based booking system have been developed to assist the processing of lodge bookings and provide members with quick and informative tools to aid their booking requirements. Specific information on seasonal bookings and their process are contained on the Summer and Winter pages.

Open Round Bookings

All open round bookings are made using a simple web based booking form.  A graph of available beds is linked to the top of the booking form to guide members on bed availability at the lodge on a given day or period.

Members may continue to submit booking forms even if it appears that there are no vacancies due to other unconfirmed requests in yellow. The booking officer will confirm requests according to the priority rules. However if the graphs show that the Lodge is at capacity with confirmed bookings in red please contact the Booking Officer via an email instead with your enquiry as a reserve list can be utilised on these occasions.

Pre Round Winter Bookings

Pre bookings are to be made using a revised Excel spreadsheet and emailed to the Booking Officer at

Other Booking Information

Only financial members may arrange bookings.  Guests will only be admitted if booked in by a financial member. Financial members may make whole lodge bookings for their exclusive use for a minimum of 2 nights, subject to availability.  Please note that while every effort will be made to accommodate members booking requirements, specific room requests cannot be guaranteed.

Once a booking is confirmed and cancellations

Confirmed bookings once notified are allocated to the member and guests for the days requested.  Once confirmed these bookings are financially committed and due for payment within 30 days of being notified.  Subject to availability, changes to bookings may be made for the same number of days by contacting the Contact Officer.  Cancellations of confirmed bookings must be advised prior to commencement and may only be accepted if a booking can be resold.  In such a case a $30 cancellation fee will apply.  Cancellation on medical grounds, and supported by a medical certificate, will receive a full refund and no cancellation fee will apply.

Contact and Booking Officer
Jan Walker
Hi Noon Ski Club/Contact Officer
Phone: Mobile 0419 167 888 (Emergency Only)