General Booking Information

HI Noon Bed Availability Graph – to check on available beds and vacant days/periods.

Hi Noon Booking Request Form – to submit a booking or series of bookings anytime.

Accommodation in Advance (AiA)
Booking Conditions
Member Priority
Confirmation and Changes to Bookings
Breaches of Club Rules
Payment of Accounts
Check in/Check out times
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A web based booking system is in place to manage the processing of lodge bookings and provide members with bed availability information and a quick and efficient on line booking submission method.

Financial members may book for themselves and accompanied or unaccompanied guests for weekend (Friday-Saturday) or any day/s during the midweek period (Sunday-Thursday). Winter season bookings cannot be made before the Winter Pre-Booking Round.

Confirmation will be prompt, usually within 24 hrs (outside the Pre-Booking Round), according to the priority rules and bed availability.

If the graphs show that the Lodge is at capacity for your desired dates; the Booking Officer may be contacted via the Club email and a reserve list can be utilised on these occasions in case of cancellations.

The Booking Officer may be contacted for any other optional booking arrangements.  Depending on known lodge bookings, the Booking Officer may have discretion to apply some flexibility.


Accommodation in Advance (AiA)

AiA is an Annual Subscription to maintain membership to the Club.  The amount covers to it’s value accommodation bookings made by the Member.  It is a non transferrable amount, it must be used within the year of its currency ie: 1 November to 31 October the following year.

The AiA for 2019/2020 (1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020) has been set at $880.00 and is payable at the latest by the 31 January 2020. Only Financial Members may request bookings. Financial means no outstanding debts including payment of the current year AiA.

Booking Conditions

  • Only Financial Members may request bookings.
  • Members must accurately fill in all required booking information on the Booking Request Form before the Booking will be considered for confirmation.
  • Guests will only be admitted if booked in by a Member.
  • A bed night is regarded as 1 person per bed per night. Only 22 beds are available in the lodge on any single night (excluding under 5-year-olds).
  • Single person bookings may be required to share a room on days when the lodge is at full occupancy unless a single occupancy room is booked. Normally a same gender share basis will apply or be otherwise notified.
  • Additional booking information or any queries must be forwarded to the Booking Officer by email to
  • Members are reminded that bed nights are not to be advertised on any social media platform. Security and trust of those staying in the lodge are of paramount importance to Members.  Advertising beds also contravenes the Club’s sublease with KT.

Note that while every effort is be made to accommodate members booking requirements, specific room requests cannot be guaranteed.

Members and guests are asked to contact the Booking Officer or the Lodge Manager if they will not be arriving at the lodge on the date/s of their booking.  This would allay any concerns arising from your unexpected absence; and enable the practical use of your empty bed/s.

Member Priority
Member priority is given and a ballot will be held if any period is oversubscribed. The following priorities will apply: 

  • Member only.
  • Member and immediate accompanied guests (i.e. spouse and children of member).
  • Members’ other accompanied guests

Within member priority constraints, priority will be given to Member’s immediate family for school holiday periods.


Confirmed bookings are notified by email and reserved specifically to the member and their guests for the days requested.  At the same time on confirmation these bookings are financially committed to the members account and payment is due within 30 days of being notified.

Changes to Bookings
Subject to availability, changes to confirmed bookings may be made for the same number of days by contacting the Booking Officer. In such a case a $30 administration fee will apply.

Should you and/or any guests choose to leave the Lodge earlier than the end of your booking, it is a critical requirement, for booking and security purposes, to let the Lodge Manager know exactly when you are leaving and so that this information can be relayed to the Booking Officer for adjustment and notation to your booking.

Changes to bookings – unusual circumstances
Members requiring any changes to confirmed bookings, due to unusual circumstances, will need to submit a request for approval to the Club’s Committee.  Committee will assess requests on a case-by-case basis taking into account information provided by the member.  The Booking Officer will coordinate this for members as requested.

Cancellations of confirmed bookings must be advised prior to commencement of the booking period, and may only be accepted if there is a waiting list, and the booking can be resold to another member. In such a case a $30 cancellation fee will apply. If a booking cannot be back filled, cancellation will not be accepted and the full charge will be levied against the member’s account.

Medical Cancellations
All MEDICAL cancellations must be advised prior to the commencement of the booking.  A Medical Certificate will normally be required and forwarded to the Booking Officer within one month.  Where a Medical Certificate supporting the medical reason for cancellation is supplied a 100% refund or credit will be given.  No cancellation fee will apply.

Breaches of Club Rules
Members or their guests are not permitted to make any self-initiated changes to confirmed bookings without firstly contacting the Booking Officer.  In the event of last minute unplanned changes these must also be notified to the Lodge Manager.  Any Member initiated change, without advice, will be considered a Breach of the Club’s rules.  A Breach may include actions such as moving into rooms other than allocated; taking or changing a car park allocation without authority; booking in guests (who don’t turn up) with the intention of gaining a single room occupancy.

Breaches of Club rules including those set out under Booking Conditions and any serious behavioural indiscretions, committed by members and/or their guests which are subsequently referred to the Club Committee, will be considered by the Committee and may result in administrative penalties being applied, including limitations being imposed on a member’s booking rights (which may result in the temporary removal of a members ability to participate in a pre booking round/s for one or more seasons). In making any determination the Committee will consider and  follow the processes set out in the Club’s Code of Conduct and Grievance Procedure Bylaw.


Payment of Accounts

  • Accounts for confirmed bookings are payable within 30 days of email confirmation notification as indicated.
  • All payments are to be made to the Club’s bank account and must be identified with the Member’s Name and Membership Number.
  • Members are liable for the FULL cost of all confirmed bookings.

Check-in / Check-out times to the Lodge

  • Winter: Check-in time is 5.00pm (17.00), Check-out is 4.00pm (16.00).2.00pm (14.00) for winter 2020.
  • Summer: Check-in time is 3.00pm (15.00) providing the room is vacated and available.  Otherwise check in time is 5.00pm. Check-out time is 5.00pm(17.00)

For more information

  • If you don’t get an automated email notification within 24 hours of submitting your booking request that it has been received or an automated email notification confirming your booking, contact the Booking Officer by email.
  • Enquiries relating to submitted bookings or requests for booking information or amendments should be directed to the Booking Officer via email at

Contact Details

  • The Booking Officer is available by Email at
  • The Lodge Manager (Daf Daly) available on the Hi Noon Lodge phone 02 6457 6253 or mobile 0417 240 797.